New Trends in Interior Design: The warmth of the home goes beyond its walls

Wednesday, December 5th 2018. | Interior

In recent years there has been a revolution in the world of interior design and decoration. For years, decorators and architects made an effort to create welcoming homes that reflect the personality of their occupants, which were a refuge for well-being. The democratization of design, interior design and the help of specialized media made these trends reach all audiences.

Currently, we live a new phase. The same warmth and well-being that we feel in our own homes is going through walls to reach all sectors: from offices, hotels, hospitals or schools. We want places where we feel good, where we can have a part of ourselves in the space that surrounds us. And companies are beginning to see design as the key tool that adds value to their business.

New trends in interior design 2018

This event was held in its Auditorium, a space equipped by Actiu and designed by ESNE students who has obtained a Special Mention from the Jury for “the resolution of a complicated space in an effective and aesthetic way, using simple materials but functional (sisal, pressed wood plates, wires, etc.) that favor the acoustics of the premises “.

Hotels: the home of the traveler where the difference is marked by design and technology

The hotels are living a revolution in their interior design. These spaces have realized their importance to create experiences, with environments that promote rest and relaxation, but also provide added value to their visitors. Create atmospheres, atmospheres, generate cozy areas or ensure highly personalized experiences.

home interior design high resolution family room

A clear case is that of the Spanish hotel chain NH Hotel Group. “For three years now, we have been redesigning the interiors of our hotels with an investment of 250 million euros, which includes approximately 9,000 rooms where technology and wellbeing come together”, says María Arboledas, architect and head of the Architecture, Product and Innovation Area of ​​the group . “Our spaces combine well-being with new technologies, drawing rooms for different uses, just as it happens in the office: places of concentration, conversation, relaxation … and all of them equipped with technology of the future, with ultra-high definition televisions, wireless chargers and maximum connectivity, among many other aspects. The change of strategy has been key: we are committed to quality and not quantity. And the results are very positive, both in figures and in customer satisfaction, “Arboledas concludes.

The offices: home or work?

The offices are our second home. We need to work, but also to socialize, comment and collaborate in our jobs. That is why the old models of individual and operational positions are evolving, combining with other open and common ones. Spaces such as the kitchen, common rooms or outdoor areas take on a new role to give an opportunity for relaxation and relaxation to its occupants. Again, the home becomes a space in these spaces, and with it, relaxation and well-being, which leads to productivity and efficiency.

home interior design high resolution for living room

José Antonio Alonso from Arinni studio knows a lot about that. His experience in home, office and retail projects goes back twenty years. “In recent years, polyvalent spaces have been demanded. At home, as in offices or stores, they ask us for functionality: think about use over aesthetics. Space is requested where you can work but also have moments of concentration or relaxation. In offices, operative positions linked to open areas equipped with sofas and home furniture where employees can have more relaxed moments. In stores, small spaces where people can also sit down to rest. Everything is connected, and the concept “home” reaches all areas, “explained this Cantabrian interior designer based in Madrid.

Jean Porsche is a Mexican architect and decorator who has been decorating residential and contract spaces for more than 20 years. His first office job was to incorporate a work space, a house, thus creating a space for conciliation. “For years a home decorator had no place in projects such as offices, retail or contract. In recent years, this trend has taken a spectacular turn. Claim our knowledge to provide that warmth and well-being in any type of space, “explained the designer.

home interior design high resolution

The future of interior design where does it happen? The importance of education.

Without a doubt, the interior design sector is constantly evolving. The trends change. Needs are modified and environments evolve. The future decorators and architects have an important role to play and their training is basic. María Antón, director of the University Degree in Interior Design at ESNE, University School of Design, Innovation and Technology, considers the education of these subjects as mainly “practical” and “experiential”, “setting aside the old theoretical standards Far from reality. ”

In this sense, the architect explained the profile of the students of interior design of her school. “They have a very technological profile, a new way of communicating, of learning in a self-taught way. Schools are centers for meeting, debate, practical experiences and reunion. The theoretical classes in which a teacher monologues his students, are over, now occupy few minutes in the weekly calendar. The important thing is the practical learning, the experience abroad, to know cultures and global design. The forms of learning are evolving in the same way as the ways of working, with collaborative networks, active training and real practice, “he said. In this sense, the ESNE school collaborates in projects shared with other Universities in Dubai or Hong Kong.

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